From Winter Break to Spring Semester

Hello hello, everyone!

Time has gone by, quick for some, snail-speed for others, and Winter Break is almost finished. The moment when the classrooms at the Hill will be filled again is nearer every second!

I have to admit, I did not cross out any items on my bucket list this break. I visited a few people, went to one or two museums, read a few books… the same things that I believe most people do. However, even if it sounds a little boring, I cannot complain. I rested, I had time to relax, and, deep down, that was really all I wanted.

I am looking forward—with a bit of fear, if I may say, but also with excitement—to starting the spring semester. My schedule is somewhat rough but I am still, for one reason or the other, really excited about each one of my classes!

I hope everyone a good last week of Winter Break!