The Calm During The Storm; The Weekend Before The Midterms

Hello again!

As I am sure most of us noticed, last weekend’s weather was not exactly the one you see on postcards. I could see my breath as I walked and the insides of my shoes were flooded. If you are like me and walk to the gym even while drops of water slap you all the way there, you know what I am talking about.

I will cut my negativity there and move on to talk a bit about the multi-day event that was going on during the before said weekend: family weekend! It was quite nice to see the faces of many of my classmates filled with genuine happiness and liveliness. Smiling and telling some of their most interesting college stories. Granted, everyone needs a break with their family from time to time.

Unfortunately, my family could not make it to the event. However, I can still say that I had a fairly good weekend. I had time to catch up with some people and relax. I even found myself sitting at Cool Beans, finishing up a story I began writing a while ago. I have to say, it was most enjoyable to sit down and forget about time for a while.

All that being said, I also had to come back down to reality and, well, be a college student. I have three exams coming up between tomorrow and next Monday, so I had to allocate adequate amounts of time for each subject.

In any case, I hope everyone that was on campus enjoyed their weekend. I hope that everyone found at least one moment in which they were able to breathe slowly and deeply. And last, but not least, I certainly wish that I can survive this next week!